Thank you Teachers chalkboard

Never have our teachers been more appreciated as parents have had a glimpse into their job thanks to distance learning. For Teacher Appreciation, we’ve gathered FREE printables, items and activities that you and your students can use to celebrate teachers all month long. We want to recognize everything teachers did before the pandemic and all they are doing now to keep our students learning. Please share these resources on your own social media channels (use #publicschoolsstrong and #thankateacher) so that others may celebrate teachers with us!

TAKE ACTION FOR TEACHERS: Although the Dept. of Education waived the harsh impacts of the test results for students and schools, they did not protect teachers. Educators have gone above and beyond to ensure students had an opportunity to learn during this unprecedented year. Use our quick tool to easily contact the governor and your elected representatives in Tallahassee. Tell them to appreciate our teachers by including them in the waiver.

Custom Cards

Use our customizable cards to send a sweet note to your teachers. Print our thank you cards and send them via snail mail (if you have their address). Print the coloring pages and email your masterpiece to your teachers.

Customizable Card

For distance learners- download this card and type your teacher’s name and your own into the fields. Save it and attach it to an email to your teacher. No printer required.

Customizable Card

superhero card

Download this card then type your name at the bottom and save it to your desktop. Email it to your special superhero teachers.

Customizable Card

thank you flower

Add your name and your teacher’s name to this cute card. Print it or save it then send to your teachers.

Customizable Card

teacher card

No printer required. Select this card and personalize the fields with your name and your teacher’s name. Save it and send it to your teachers.

Coloring Page

bug coloring page

Download this page and color it for your teacher. Email it or take a picture of your work and show them how much you care.

Coloring Page

rocket ship coloring page

Download this out of this world coloring page. Color it for your special teacher.

Coloring Page Card

arch coloring page

Download this page and add your colors. Write a special message in the center and send it to your teacher.

Thank You Cards

printable thank you card

Use these special notecards to send your teachers a sweet message of appreciation.

Printable Signs

Send a shout out to your teachers today. Take a picture of your student holding one of our printable signs. Email it to their teachers. Or, take a video of your student saying a special message. Use the picture and/or video to do a social media post celebrating teachers and use the hashtag and #thankateacher so we can follow along!

Superhero Sign

teacher superhero sign

Thank You Sign

thank you sign

Heart Sign

thank you teachers

Air Mail Sign

air mail thank you

Thoughtful Gifts

Make a small gift for your teachers today. Email them our free, printable bookmarks or download our affirmation cards to brighten their day. Or- color your own set of bookmarks for a more personal gift. Email them our Dr. Seuss-inspired, printable poem to show them how much you appreciate them.

Coloring Bookmarks

coloring bookmarks

Printable Bookmarks

Positive Affirmation Cards


Teacher Appreciation Poem

Poem Print

Special Recognition

Show teachers how you feel about them today. Have your student fill out the About My Teacher worksheet and send their insights to their teachers. Post one of our printable signs on your front door showing the world your appreciation. Send a picture of it to your student’s teachers. If you have a teacher in your neighborhood, post one of our printable signs on their house to give them the recognition they deserve.

About My Teacher

about my teacher

Awesome Teacher Sign

Awesome Teacher lives here

I Love My Teacher Sign

rockstar teacher

Amazing Teacher Sign

amazing teacher yard sign

Gifts for Every Budget

Send your teacher a gift today. We have ideas for every budget including FREE! You can also donate a gift to a local charity in your teacher’s name.

FREE Virtual Bouquet

bouquet of flowers

We do not endorse but we thought their virtual bouquets were a fun, FREE way to brighten your teacher’s day and let them know you appreciate them. Google virtual bouquets for additional websites.

FREE Animated Greeting Cards

greeting card

Google free, animated greeting cards to find a fun card to send to your teacher. Websites like Smilebox, Bluemountain, and Jibjab will let you select a card, customize it, and send a smile to your teachers.

E-Gift Card for Food or Coffee

gift card

E-gift cards are a great way to send your teacher a small token of appreciation. Coffee shops, food delivery services and grocers offer online gift cards. Shop local and send your teacher a gift card to a favorite, neighborhood restaurant.

Donate to a Local Charity

donation icon

Make an online donation to a teachers classroom via or a local charity in honor of your teacher. Many organizations are helping to support our neighbors during this crisis and are accepting online donations.