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Legislative Wrap Up

The 2022 Florida Legislative Session has ended. Lawmakers passed a new budget and many bills that will impact children and our public schools. Read more about how these bills will affect schools here.


Your advocacy worked! During their February meeting, the Florida Board of Education called for leniency and left intact lower scores students may achieve on alternate exams, such as the SAT and ACT, delaying implementation of higher scores it adopted in 2018. They also reinstated the use of alternative tests like the PERT to count in lieu of the FSA.

Florida plans to proceed with state testing and the Florida Standards Assessment this year. This included a 2018 law that required students in the Class of 2022 to achieve a higher score on the SAT in lieu of passing the 10th grade FSA and eliminated the use of the PERT to pass the Algebra 1 end of course exam. This class was not able to take the FSA in 10th grade due to the pandemic. In addition, many were not able to take it in 2021 as they were participating in distance learning. The Class of 2022 has had the least number of chances to take/pass the FSA. Due to restrictions caused by COVID-19, there were far fewer opportunities to take the ACT or SAT, as well.

The Class of 2022 is the ONLY class that has a higher concordant score requirement, no PERT, AND is required to pass the 10th grade FSA in order to graduate.

Thanks to your advocacy- thousands of students will earn their diploma this year!

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