The Alliance for Public School promotes a system of public education responsive to the needs of students and the educators, families, and communities who support their success.


The Alliance for Public Schools provides community stakeholders with the useful and accurate information needed to work collectively to create a common vision for public education and works with decision makers to make that vision a reality.

About Us

The Alliance for Public Schools was founded in 2012 by parents and community members who believed that public education must be a shared community value and priority. In order to accomplish this, the Alliance convenes citizens, community groups and education stakeholders to help them envision what they want for their public schools and collectively make that vision a reality for the benefit of all children.

Alliance programs engage families, educators and students in the education process by giving them information about how to best support the academic life of children. Additionally, the Alliance provides the community with accurate information about education policies and the effect these policies have on our public schools and the students who attend them.

students holding a studentall4schools poster