For over nine years, the Alliance has been speaking to parents, teachers, students and community members about children and their public schools. As a follow up to intensive Community Conversations in school districts, the Alliance hosts an annual review of the Community Priorities. Numerous issues, identified in part during the Community Conversations, emerge as important to them. These issues are placed into categories and research is compiled by Alliance staff for each issue. Participants read the research and rank the issues within each category from most important to least through a series of exercises and enthusiastic conversations.

This process shaped the Alliance for Public Schools’ Community Legislative Priorities for public education. (Ver las prioridades aquí.) The current priorites include:

  • Covid19 response

  • Well-rounded Education

  • Funding

  • Testing

  • Teachers and Teaching

  • Pathway to Student Success and Graduation

  • Student Health and Safety

  • High Quality Early Childhood Education

  • Education Governance

Click here to view policy research for each category.