For over ten years, the Alliance has been speaking to parents, teachers, students and community members about children and their public schools. Numerous issues, identified during Community Conversations and other events throughout the year, emerge as important to them.

These issues are placed into categories and research is compiled by Alliance staff for each issue. Each year, prior to the Legislative Session, we host an in-person Community Priorities Summit. Participants read the research and rank the issues within each category from most important to least through a series of exercises and enthusiastic conversations.

We understand that not everyone can attend the in-person Summit so each year we provide a virtual version to gather as much input from stakeholders as possible. Please answer the questions below to identify the issues of most importance to you. Use the policy research and sources to get a deeper understanding of the policies as you rank your choices. This process shapes the 2023 Community Priorities.

Click here to view policy research for each category.

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