Select your Florida county and connect to your Supervisor of Election to:

  • request a vote-by-mail ballot.
  • find an early voting location near you.
  • find your polling place for Election Day.
  • look up your registration status.
  • view your county’s important voting information.

You may request a Vote By Mail (VBM) ballot to vote from the convenience of your home. ALL vote by mail ballots expired last year and must be renewed. The Supervisor of Elections Office must receive your request for a vote-by-mail ballot no later than 5 p.m. ten days before the election. The deadline to return voted ballots to the Elections Office is no later than 7:00 p.m. election night for it to be counted. Any voter who has requested a vote-by-mail ballot can track the status of their ballot through their Supervisor of Elections’ website. A voter who has requested a vote-by-mail ballot may change his or her mind and vote in person. The voter should bring the ballot (marked or unmarked) to the polls to turn the ballot in and vote a regular ballot.

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