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Teacher calls on students

Florida is facing a major teacher shortage, as schools are scrambling to fill positions in math, science, special education, bilingual education, and other fields. Many of the deficits can be found in our highest-need schools.

Governor DeSantis recently acknowledged the urgency of the situation as he called for an increase to starting teacher pay, “If you look at ways you can make an impact in students’ achievement … having a great teacher in front of the students is really the best thing that you can do.” DeSantis spokeswoman Helen Ferre wrote on Twitter that boosting starting teacher pay “is not the only area of compensation or bonuses” the governor is considering. “Other teacher compensation programs are being reviewed. Stay tuned.”

The Florida Legislature has begun work on the 2020 budget and bills that will impact students, teachers and our public schools. They must hear from you as they craft these new policies.

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While the governor has called for an increase in starting educator pay, we must ensure that any increase includes funding to retain veteran employees and recruit new teachers to our classrooms. Easily connect to your elected officials and tell them that you expect them to support a state budget that allows school districts to fully fund competitive salaries to retain and recruit professional educators.