Parent University Class Examples

Programs such as AVID (Advancement Via Individual Determination), have been established to support students academically and open them to opportunities in middle school, high school, and post-secondary institutions. Participants will receive an overview of what AVID has to offer their students in terms of study skills, organizational skills, motivation, and leadership. This session will also provide parents with opportunities to discuss how THEY can help support their students as they get “College Ready”.  In addition, parents will learn success strategies they can use at home with their student!

Students build the blocks of literacy on these key foundational pieces:  phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary, comprehension and oral language.  This session will give parents ideas and tools they can use with their children at home to build a solid literacy foundation.

Storytelling with children is an exciting way to bring literature to life.  Storytelling is dramatic public speaking (not story reading).  A child who learns to tell a story gains confidence, increases memorization skills, understands the parts of a story, enhances visualization and imagination, develops public speaking skills, and more.  This workshop will show you the fun and creativity your child can experience while learning to tell a story, how storytelling supports literacy, how to work with your child to tell a story, and which children’s books work for a child to tell.

Today’s academics, assessments such as FSA, the work force, and the pressures of society requires students to be critical thinkers and problem solvers. In this session, you will learn and create simple effective everyday questioning strategies that will increase your child’s critical thinking skills so that they will become a successful 21st Century learner. So join me as we quickly fast track your child’s thinking.

What are the hidden dangers in the apps and websites that kids are using today? How can I protect my family from bullies and online predators? How do I secure my family’s information online? Almost every day the news highlights stories that lead us to ask these questions. This session will provide useful tips and answers to all of these questions and more. Come learn the

secret to creating complex passwords that are a breeze to remember; how to examine apps for the four features most likely to expose your children to danger; and much more.

We know that with the ever changing legislative decisions about graduation requirements and assessments, it can be somewhat confusing. If you are a parent of a high school student, we will help unravel Florida’s high school graduation programs and their requirements with an overview of the current graduation requirements. Information will be provided to help students and their families as they plan and prepare for postsecondary goals, including information on acceleration options, diploma designations and advanced coursework.

This session will provide an introduction to the FAFSA.  Find out how to obtain an FSAID and get tips on how to complete the application.  Learn why it is important to complete the application even if you may not qualify for need-based financial aid.  We will also debunk some myths surrounding the FAFSA, learn to avoid common mistakes made in its completion, and identify resources for federal and state financial aid and scholarships.

Experience motivating strategies to inspire your child to write.  You’ll learn how to plan and write with your child in order to help them grow focused and engaging pieces.  The ideas shared will support how to help students reach the level of expectations seen in our state standards and on state writing assessments.

One goal of HVS is to include offering a variety of quality courses to students in Hillsborough County who desire flexible schedules, individualized learning paces, and a virtual instruction platform.  We serve all students K-12 who want to use virtual curriculum as a full-time school choice; as a home education curricula choice; for co-enrolled students who need to have an online course for graduation requirement or above and beyond their current schedules; and for some credit recovery needs.

Frameworks of Tampa Bay is a not-for-profit organization whose mission is to teach youth to manage their emotions, develop healthy relationships, and make good decisions for academic, career and personal success. How is this accomplished? Through social and emotional learning. We teach a core set of social and emotional attitudes, values, and skills that help children more effectively handle life challenges to succeed in academic, social and professional environments. In short, we teach youth and adults to manage their emotions, so that those emotions do not manage them.  If you are a parent/caregiver to elementary age children, join Frameworks for this interactive session and walk away with a few more tools in your toolbox to make sure you are meeting the social and emotional needs of your child(ren) at home!

Parents play a key role in helping to develop children’s love for reading!  This session will focus on strategies and district resources that parents can use to help support their child’s home reading.  Additionally, information on the Language Arts Florida Standards and the Florida Standards Assessment will be shared.

In this session, parents will learn ways to spark independent reading interests of middle and high school students.  Presenters will share how to help students select independent reading materials, where to access books, and how to hold student accountable for their independent reading goals.

Why pay thousands of dollars for reading, writing, and math tutoring to support students on FSA, EOCs, SAT, etc. when students have access to individualized skill building on KHAN ACADEMY for free?  When students create and link Khan Academy and College Board accounts, they can begin to practice skills tailored to their needs, focusing on exactly what they need to practice most.  Stop by the Khan Academy Lab to ensure that your child has the opportunity to create and link CollegeBoard and Khan Academy accounts.  Students will need their own e-mail addresses!

We’ll unpack the library of 6,000!+ books that every child has access to through myON.  Discover new connections in myON that will excite your student about their unique passion for reading!

With more than 200 public schools available in Hillsborough County, how do I know which one is right for my child?  What is the difference between a Magnet School, a Choice School and a Traditional School?   When and how do I apply for my child to attend the school I’ve chosen?  Find the answers to all these questions and more in this session presented by representatives from the Choice and Magnet Office.

With more than 25 public high schools available in Hillsborough County, how do I know which one is right for my child?  What is the difference between a Magnet School, a Choice School and a Traditional School?  How do I identify the best school for my high school student?  When and how do I apply for my child to attend the school I’ve chosen?  Find the answers to all these questions and more in this session presented by representatives from the Choice and Magnet Office.

This digital literacy session is hands-on and will focus on and how to support children as they explore the internet, read information, and determine what’s real.

What you need to know about what i-Ready is and what it is not to support your child in a digital learning classroom.

This is a young child friendly presentation.

Did you know that when young children are playing they are actually learning?!!  They are getting ready to learn to read, write and engage in math concepts, science skills, social emotional skills and motor development.  Parents who encourage children’s play, and better yet engage in children’s play, are offering their children the greatest impact on their learning.  Come join us to learn how to play with your child and why it is important!

Parents will learn ways to share their unconditional love through fun, interactive games and rhymes. I Love You Rituals (R) enhance connections between parents and children, and build foundational literacy skills to promote preschool readiness.

This interactive session will include information and resources related to parents and caregivers of pre-school age children. Parents will learn how to support their child by partnering with teachers and school staff, how to support their child academically and leave with resources and a take home activity created by their child’s first teacher which is YOU!

Research as revealed simple ways we (educators, parents, and caregivers) can motivate our children to LOVE reading!  Literature shapes who we are and how we see the world.  Readers grow and change with each selection they choose.  This session will provide simple, yet significant, ways to have your child “Loving All Things Literacy!”

Want to learn more about the rich digital resources provided through your school’s library & the public library?  All Hillsborough Public School students have easy access to ebooks and online research and learning resources for personal and academic needs through their school’s library.  Now, with the new HAAL Pass initiative, their student number opens the door to the public library’s resources, too!  This session will be a virtual walkthrough of all the resources at your students’ fingertips.

Is your child ready for kindergarten?  Learn about instructional and social-emotional expectations in kindergarten.  Understand the start-of-the-year assessments how they are used.

Become a family of scientists!  Participants will engage in hands-on science and engineering activities with everyday materials that they can easily do at home.

What should you expect when your child takes the English Language Arts Florida Standards Assessment?  What tools are available to assist your child in successfully preparing for the ELA FSA?  Come find out the answers to these questions and more!

Adult Education may be your next step in completing High School credits for graduation or obtaining your General Education Diploma (GED).  Discover how to obtain free educational counseling, financial aid assistance and smoothly transition to one of our four post-secondary colleges.

Deje que la educación de adultos cierre la brecha de aculturación entre usted y la educación de su hijo: “Ningún Padre Dejado Atrás”.  Participantes estarán informados sobre las opciones disponibles para los padres y los cursos para aprender inglés, obtener su título de doce grado ó como matricular en programas post-secundarios de los colegios.  La educación de adultos sirve como una conexión entre la orientación profesional, el empleo y los recursos financieros para su itinerario educativo.  La cultura de empoderamiento comienza aquí.