In her own words: My experience with Parent Teacher Home Visit Project

My experience with Parent Teacher Home Visit Project was truly eye-opening. I have always known that there is so much more to teaching than simply what goes on in the classroom.

We all know the old adage “it all starts at home” but the child’s home life is a very important part of their school life, as well. While I was teaching a child during the day i was wondering why this student isn’t following directions or having trouble focusing or not buying into the whole education process. It was always in the back of my mind. When this opportunity (Parent Teacher Home Visit Training) was offered, I felt it was my obligation to get involved. What I learned was exactly what suspected.

While each of my home visits was a rewarding experience, I learned that there is so much more to a child’s education than just the school experience. Children shared bedrooms with siblings and parents, some homes did not have a kitchen table, some did not have room to play or a quiet area for the children to read, do homework or ”just chill.” Some homes had several pets and were messy; some were spotless.

Regardless of how my students live, they were all so proud to show me their bedroom, their toys and their home. I was just as eager to connect their home life with their school life. The connection that was made was magical. They knew that I really bought into their lives and I loved them that much more because I visited their home. The parents were also amazed that I took the time to come and visit and learn about their children. The children couldn’t wait to tell the other students that “Mrs. Perillo came to my house”! Soon I had all my kiddos arguing over when I would be visiting their home! The experience was a remarkable one for me, as well as, my students.

Janet Perillo is a Pre-K teacher and PTA President at Lealman Ave. Elementary in St. Petersburg, Florida.

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