Want to raise graduation rates? Ask these kids

The Alliance firmly believes that students know the solutions to barriers that prevent them from graduating. However, they must have input with decision makers in order to affect change. The Alliance provides them leadership training and empowers their voice. In partnership with principals and districts, we provide the space for them to express themselves and give them the freedom to work on creative solutions.


We have spent the first part of the school year holding leadership trainings at area high schools.


We have the students pore over the data from their schools. They review graduation rates by subgroups and information unique to their school site in order to identify areas for improvement.


Students play “The Graduation Game” and learn possible roadblocks to graduation. They often personally identify with the characters in the game.


The kids are motivated and inspire us every day with their passion to solve difficult problems like achievement gaps, low attendance levels, and raising graduation rates. Stay tuned for more stories about their work and ways that you can support them. Their empathy and creativity are amazing resources for schools and districts to harness in the pursuit of success for all students!