Declare Independence from Testing

As you celebrate Independence Day with your families, we urge you to declare independence from testing for all students.

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This week, the Senate will debate the reauthorization of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act– the expired law of the land that controls education policy. Also known as “No Child Left Behind”, the current law has been in effect for over 12 years and is often called “No Child Left Untested” for its over emphasis on testing.

The new bill rolls back testing requirements and allows for more local control. The bill is truly bipartisan with leaders from both sides of the aisle working to improve conditions for students and teachers. During debate, members will try to amend the bill in both positive and negative ways. It is up to us to remind them to do the right thing for children.

Click below to email Senators Nelson and Rubio.

Use the talking points provided.

Tell them to give kids independence from testing. Tell them to pass an Elementary and Secondary Education Act that puts teaching and learning ahead of testing.

The new bill should:

Give students more time for a well-rounded education by reducing the emphasis on high stakes testing. States must have flexibility to develop assessments that help students succeed.

Ensure that equity in education for all children exists through the use of a dashboard of indicators that identify and close opportunity and resource gaps.

Promote meaningful family engagement policies and programs to ensure that all students are on track for college and careers.

Prevent the test and punish culture of No Child Left Behind through harmful amendments that include Adequate Yearly Progress-type requirements.

Fully fund Title I to level the playing field and ensure equity in education for children most in need without adding portability measures.



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